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Handling Disappointment

Disappointment is a regular event when you live with addiction. In this video we discuss its nature and how to deal with it.

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Does my Loved One Have a Drink Problem?

We just wanted to do a short ‘catch up’ video to let you know what was happening with us and to give you a small glimpse on what we have planned. Because we have had a fairly large influx of new members we thought that it would be good to record a new version of …

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Today marks the start of my 40th year sober, that is no alcohol or drugs for 39 years.  So, I felt that this was a fitting time to talk about a topic rarely mentioned when getting sober, that is opportunity. Forty years ago, I would sit in pubs in Glasgow and talk about the things …

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Services for Families of Alcoholics

The Alcohol and Families Alliance (which Bottled Up has been a member for some years now) is a loose group of service providers helping families who have problems with alcohol.  We are currently in the process of sending a letter to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, calling for the reinstatement of …

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A Web of Addiction

So, who would have thought it? Spiderman has a problem with alcohol, even superheroes are not immune to the problem. You might say that he was caught in a web of addiction. If you are wondering what I’m talking about, Tom Holland, the actor who played Spiderman, discussed his alcohol problem on a podcast that …

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Secrecy and problem drinking

People regularly believe that secrecy helps their drinker.  Often, when the families of problem drinkers talk to us, they will say that they have not told anyone about the drinking issues. While their loyalty to their drinker is commendable it is, unfortunately, also mis-placed. In this video we touch on some of the reasons why …

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What Does Change Look Like When You Live with a Problem Drinker

Its been a little while since we posted anything new in the Blog.  The main reason is that we have been busy setting up the Mentorship Community which we are glad to say is now established. In this video we discuss the process of change, what does it look like.  

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Xmas 2022

It is that time of the year again.  A time that some people absolutely love and others dread.  We hope that your Xmas is a happy and peaceful one. In this video we talk a little about our year and what we have done.  And then we talk a little about how to survive Xmas …

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Mentoring Community

For some time now we have felt that we may provide more intensive, more targeted support.  So, we have launched the Mentoring Community to provide that support. You might ask, are we now creating a two tier system withing Bottled Up.  Well the answer is no!  We recognise that people just as people have different …

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Dealing with Anxiety

Few, if any, of us will not have had to deal with anxiety at some time in our lives.  And, if you live with a problem drinker, the odds are that you are dealing with high levels of anxiety. In this video Lou discusses the anxiety that was the result of living with a drinker … Read More >

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