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Is my loved one an alcoholic?

There is no doubt that the way you view a problem, not just a drinking problem, will inform how you deal with the problem.

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Whose problem is it anyway?

A common question that we are asked is "Is s/he an alcoholic?" The question is often accompanied by "or am I just making a fuss about nothing?" Our answer often surprises people as we tend to look at alcohol problems a bit differently. In this video we expand the traditional view of alcohol problems from … Read More >

We’re all in this together

When we started Bottled Up our dream was to create a community where we would all help and support each other, that no one who was experiencing an issue with alcohol (through their own or a loved one's drinking)  would feel alone. In this video we encourage you to share in the Forum and open … Read More >

What does that Mean?

If you have been browsing around the subjects of alcoholism, dependent drinking, problem drinking, for any length of time, you will probably have found a lot of conflicting information.  Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion, and /or fiercely held opinions in this topic.  This does not help you in your search for a bit … Read More >

Motivated to Change

A member recently asked what produces motivation to change?  We thought that that was such a good question

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Resentment and Forgiveness

This is a huge and a difficult topic.  However it is one that we feel is so important that we have actually recorded two videos about the topic. The first video is from a professional point of view, what therapists would say to you and what the research shows.  The second video is from a … Read More >

What does Progress look like?

Sometimes, well actually OFTEN, when you live with an alcoholic nothing you try seems to have any effect.  Regardless what you do everything continues as bad as ever. In this video we start to look at how you might change this perception and how you just may be able to detect signs of change. Read More >

Scapegoating and Blame

These two videos were prompted by comments and questions from you as members.  When we can, we try to address the issues you raise.  Apart from anything else it means that we don't need to wrack our brains for topics and we can be , reasonably, sure that we are talking about something that affects … Read More >

Living with a drinker – Secrecy

In these two short videos we look at secrecy.  Secrecy is a natural behaviour because of the shame and stigma attached to problem drinking, no one wants the world, or even close friends and relatives to know about the problems drinking is causing in their family.  Also you may feel that to tell others would … Read More >

I feel I’m going mad – My drinker denies drinking

Making a pragmatic decision will be easier and quicker than searching for hidden bottles and getting into heated accusation and demands. If people begin to hide and lie about what they are doing, then we have to build in other ways of assessing their situations. If your partner looks, smells and behaves as if he’s … Read More >

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