You have probably come to this website because you have concerns about your drinking.  You are probably looking for information that will help you to decide whether you have a problem.  This website can help.

The assessment tools on this page are standard tools that you will find in use in almost any alcohol agency. They will give you a valid and reliable assessment of whether you have an alcohol problem and whether you are physically dependent on alcohol.

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Once you have completed the questionnaire above, you may wish to complete this assessment. The results will be displayed to you instantly after completion.

The assessment on this page is a questionnaire used by doctors and alcohol agencies through the world.  It is an instrument for screening for alcohol problems.  It is used here purely to allow you to decide whether this website would be useful to you.  The tools that you will find in the member’s area website are much more sophisticated and interactive.  Complete the instrument and find out if your score would be considered problematic.