Does my Loved One Have a Drink Problem?

We just wanted to do a short ‘catch up’ video to let you know what was happening with us and to give you a small glimpse on what we have planned.

Because we have had a fairly large influx of new members we thought that it would be good to record a new version of a video answering one of the most frequently asked questions in the website.  That is Does my loved one have a drink problem?

In Bottled Up we define ‘drink problem’ in a much broader way than many other agencies.  By doing that it allows options about intervention and the nature of what kind of help is needed and effective.

One Reply to “Does my Loved One Have a Drink Problem?”

  1. This was so helpful to listen to, thank you so much, I’ll be prioritising your other videos after work. I’ve continued to wonder why I’ve been excluded from the support offered to my son, Probation, GP, Change Grow, Live services, when I’m the ‘last man standing ‘ & have to live with the consequences. Friday (payday), has been my worst day for longer than I can remember, I’m getting older, more tired etc. I’m hoping he’ll see the light & futility of daily rages & destruction of my home not being the answer to his woes. Thanks for reading & being there. Julie x

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