Threats and Promises 1

In this video we discuss communications between the drinker and the family member.  This is the first of two videos on the topic.

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  1. I didn’t make threats or give ultimatums, but it was understood that if I felt I couldn’t take it any more I would have to leave for my own sanity. I remember him saying once that I had one foot out the door. I hadn’t meant to give that impression, but it was true. I made an effort to recommit even though the option to leave is always there. He has never made any false promises but has gradually reduced over time.

  2. This is where my husband is and has been. He just wants me to “see” how important beer is to him. He thinks it’s “cute” and even laughs about it, like in a narcissistic way, not a funny way.
    Really good video…it really hit all points…the question is, what do you do?! He will not consider what he is doing to this relationship…refuses.
    John, how do you talk with your ex-wife at this time? Has she forgiven you? Did you quit after you split or before?

    1. To answer your questions, I quit after my wife left. I could no longer blame her for my drinking since she was no longer around. We are no longer in touch with each other as we both made separate lives. However, we were very amicable before we lost touch. In fact, when I was about four years sober she told me she was very proud of me. So, yes she forgave me, it took much longer for me to forgive myself.

      1. Thank you for sharing that……so sad to think this is how we will end up but it most likely will, even after 36 years of marriage and what seems like time wasted. ugh…. Yes, this is something to be proud of and I would be very proud of you and anyone else who got the strength to overcome. Best Wishes. Thanks. KD

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