Scapegoating and Blame

These two videos were prompted by comments and questions from you as members.  When we can, we try to address the issues you raise.  Apart from anything else it means that we don't need to wrack our brains for topics and we can be , reasonably, sure that we are talking about something that affects … Read More >

Living with a drinker – Secrecy

In these two short videos we look at secrecy.  Secrecy is a natural behaviour because of the shame and stigma attached to problem drinking, no one wants the world, or even close friends and relatives to know about the problems drinking is causing in their family.  Also you may feel that to tell others would … Read More >

I feel I’m going mad – My drinker denies drinking

Making a pragmatic decision will be easier and quicker than searching for hidden bottles and getting into heated accusation and demands. If people begin to hide and lie about what they are doing, then we have to build in other ways of assessing their situations. If your partner looks, smells and behaves as if he’s … Read More >

Living with a drinker, anger and frustration

When frustration boils over and you lose your temper with the problem drinker, this is really understandable. It may even help you to feel better for a while. However, as a continuing practise it is likely to undermine rather than encourage the recovery process. Read More >

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