HOPE – Assess the Harm

Assess The Harm Possibly you don’t think that you need to do an assessment of the harm that alcohol is doing in your life.  After all, you have lived with it and it has caused severe disruption, heartache and pain in your home. and you know the problems only too well.  We would certainly not suggest … Read More >

Surviving the Holidays

Its holiday time again.  For all our american cousins Thanksgiving happens next week and for all of us Christmas is almost upon us.  Although, it actually feels that preparations for Christmas started during the summer holidays. For some people the holidays are a time for family, for celebration, for happiness.  Unfortunately for others it is … Read More >


HOPE HOPE is an acronym (a word made up from the initial letters of other words).  However it was not an acronym that was chosen at random, quite the reverse.  It was an acronym that was chosen to encapsulate the message that Bottled-up aims to spread.  There is hope in drinking relationships, it does not … Read More >

When You Feel that Hope is Slipping Away

Sometimes we feel that there is no hope that its not worth going on.  If you are feeling that way, then this video is for you. In the video we discuss various aspects surrounding hope and some ways that we can build hope and sometimes that we need to view it in a different way.  … Read More >

LOVE – Healthy Boundaries

In this video Lou talks about LOVE and setting boundaries.  In Bottled Up we encourage a positive approach to the drinking situation - this is probably most represented in our tools, especially LOVE. There is, however, more scope than we realised for misunderstanding, that we are promoting a "grin and bear it" attitude to the … Read More >

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