Talking about the Forum

In this video we discuss our vision for the Forum and invite you to participate in it and connect with each other. Thank you to all of you who do post in the Forum and especially to those of you who post to support other Bottled Up members.

The Forum can be a powerful place to share with and learn from each other. But, obviously, it requires that you actually use it. If there are not many posts then don’t wait for others to start a discussion. Why not be the one to kick off the discussion by you sharing what is on your mind.


2 Replies to “Talking about the Forum”

  1. Thank you John and Lou for the opportunity to allow me to express my frustration and fears…..there is no other place to do this and it’s very helpful to get it out. Thanks.

  2. I’ve only recently joined and I’m in my first week of ‘homework’ and I’ve already noticed a more relaxed attitude in myself.
    I’m looking forward to developing the skills to have productive conversations with my husband.
    Thank you

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