What Does Change Look Like When You Live with a Problem Drinker

Its been a little while since we posted anything new in the Blog.  The main reason is that we have been busy setting up the Mentorship Community which we are glad to say is now established. In this video we discuss the process of change, what does it look like.  

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Xmas 2022

It is that time of the year again.  A time that some people absolutely love and others dread.  We hope that your Xmas is a happy and peaceful one. In this video we talk a little about our year and what we have done.  And then we talk a little about how to survive Xmas …

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Mentoring Community

For some time now we have felt that we may provide more intensive, more targeted support.  So, we have launched the Mentoring Community to provide that support. You might ask, are we now creating a two tier system withing Bottled Up.  Well the answer is no!  We recognise that people just as people have different …

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Dealing with Anxiety

Few, if any, of us will not have had to deal with anxiety at some time in our lives.  And, if you live with a problem drinker, the odds are that you are dealing with high levels of anxiety. In this video Lou discusses the anxiety that was the result of living with a drinker … Read More >

Does my drinker need counselling before getting sober

One of the old chestnuts of addiction recovery is this question – Do drinkers need to deal with their past before they can stop drinking? It is a question that we are asked on a regular basis. In this video Lou and John discuss the issue and why they sometimes adopt different approaches to helping … Read More >

Intro to Lou’s Counselling

This is a short series looking at what we can learn from Lou's counselling sessions. Much of her counselling practice is helping couples to have a better relationship. So there are many lessons and tips that can be taken from her counselling room and applied directly to other relationship situations, such as Bottled Up. Read More >

What I wish I had known about recovery

In this, the second of the 'if I had known then' videos, John talks about recovery and the unexpected positives. Like many drinkers, I expected that my life, at least my social life, was over when I stopped drinking. What I found was that, instead of my life being over, it really just began. So … Read More >

How to Talk to a Drinker

One of the things I find myself doing in 1 to 1 sessions is providing coaching family members on how to talk to their drinker.  Many people who come to me feel that they have tried everything and nothing has been successful.  So they come looking for that perfect thing to say that will make … Read More >

I Need to Cut Down my Drinking

Continuing with our short series looking at the issues that John meets in his 1 to 1 sessions.  In this video Lou asks John how he responds to people who come along and say "I need to cut down my drinking". We also discuss how he responds to requests to help with Controlled drinking, what … Read More >

My Partner Thinks that I’m and Alcoholic

Continuing the series where Lou interviews John on his 1 to 1 sessions, this video is about sessions with the drinker rather than the family member.  Sometimes family members ask me to talk to their drinker, something that I am happy to do provided their drinker is willing. At times the drinker will be aware … Read More >

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Living with Alcoholism

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