Can drinkers recover without seeking professional help?

Can drinkers recover without seeking professional help or going into rehab? Is professional and or medical help always needed.

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Is alcoholism a disease?

Is alcoholism a disease? This is a real hot potato for the addiction field and I'm sure you have your own view on the topic.  You may have even seen that every now and again, some study claims to have produce 'conclusive proof' that alcoholism is a 'disease' or is genetically transmitted. However, thus far, … Read More >

Is my loved one an alcoholic?

There is no doubt that the way you view a problem, not just a drinking problem, will inform how you deal with the problem.

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Whose problem is it anyway?

A common question that we are asked is "Is s/he an alcoholic?" The question is often accompanied by "or am I just making a fuss about nothing?" Our answer often surprises people as we tend to look at alcohol problems a bit differently. In this video we expand the traditional view of alcohol problems from … Read More >

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