2 Replies to “Handling Disappointment”

  1. My sister lives with an abusive alcoholic. She always says she is always lookiing for that little “sliver of hope” that he will quit. He is getting worse as his health issues continue. He is facing leg amputation, and is now trying to convince his dr. he is not a diabetic. Crazymaking. They have no children and she didn’t marry him until she was 55, she had never been married, this is his 3rd marriage. She finds an apartment, then last minute doesn’t take it. I have been to Al Anon, but quite frankly just reciting and reading from a scripted meeting is not helping. I am going to go to a therapist so I can deal with this issue. I am losing sleep and my 87 year old mother is stressed to the max. She is so trauma bonded to him she is not thinking straight. She is in therapy my mother arranged that. So I know about disappointment.

  2. I’m smack right in the middle of a crisis with my alcohol,He tried to take his own life twice in the past two weeks and is being released from hospital today,I’m hoping that this is it ,he’s talking the talk ,I hope and pray he walks the walk . Thank you for your video,it helped.

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