Beauty for Ashes

The video below is an introduction to our brand new website, just launched today.  We thought that it was time that we talked about our faith.  We believe that God can help us with the crises we have in our lives,  and this website discusses how He has intervened and help us in our lives through the years.

When we created Bottled Up, we made a decision not to discuss our faith in the website.  Not because we were ashamed of it, or that we were afraid of what people may say.  No, we made the decision because we knew that some people would be put off even looking at Bottled Up if they thought that it was a christian site.  We know that because we ourselves have been put off looking at some things that may be beneficial to us, by our own distrust of things religious.

If you want to check it out go to Beauty For Ashes   Hope you find it useful.

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