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Bottled Up is FREE to join.  There are no strings attached.

We want to provide free access to anyone who needs the help and support that Bottled Up provides.  All you need to do is sign up, using the form provided here.

However, in Bottled Up we are trying to foster a culture of caring and sharing that gets eroded when addiction is present.  Unfortunately, many things are soluble in alcohol, including Trust, Respect and Generosity of spirit!  In Bottled Up, we want to resurrect these values, starting with us.

We hope to establish what we call a Chain of Care.

Here is the plan – we give membership to you for free, and, if you

Trust: Respect: Generosity

would like to participate in restoring this culture, you make a donation that provides Bottled Up membership free for someone else in the same situation as you.

You can choose how much you donate, just fill in the box below.  Remember, Bottled Up membership is free, whether you donate or not!  (Don’t worry we don’t check!).

Unfortunately we cannot process anything less than £3 as it is a/ too costly and b/ discourages scammers from testing stolen credit cards.