What will I get if I join Bottled Up for Families?

Becoming a member of Bottled Up gives you access to a huge number of resources that cannot be found elsewhere.  These are all original and unique resources created exclusively for our Bottled Up members.

As a member you can find information that will help you to better understand the drinker and their behaviour,   You will have access to audios and videos designed to answer questions such as:Bottled Up Library of Unique Resources

  •  why do they drink the way they do?
  • why do they deny they have a problem?
  • why do they lie about whether they have been drinking?
  • do they they love drinking more than they love you?

You can also find answers to many more burning questions.  You will find the latest clinical definition of alcoholism and, we believe, a more realistic and practical way to define it.

You can access this information any time from your computer, tablet or smartphone.  You can access it anywhere, just as long as you have an internet connection.  In fact you can even access the information without an internet connection as you can download the audios and listen to them in the car, at the gym or walking on the beach.

But membership does not stop at getting information.  You also have access to one of the most modern and effective therapeutic programs available.

You will be given step by step instructions on how to change your situation.  At Bottled Up we won’t tell you that you are powerless, in fact we give you a  program especially designed to empower you.  You will find unique tools such as SHARE and LOVE that will give you a new way of looking at your situation, a way that is much more effective in promoting change.

You are not alone on this journey as there is a community online in Bottled Up.  There is a private and confidential forum where you can share your stories, your tips, your triumphs and your frustrations, safe in the knowledge that the other members know exactly what you are going through.

Then we give you our new tool, the Intervention.  We created this unique online tool to help you to discuss the drinking issue with your drinker; to provide a way of addressing the drinking issue in a focussed, meaningful and effective way.

Then, when your drinker is ready to change you can point them to the free access to Bottled Up for Drinkers (previously 24/7 Help Yourself) an award winning self help website full of change tools for drinkers.  This is a proven website that has helped many drinkers to get sober.

Finally, you have access to live webinars where you can ask John and Lou questions direct.  Don’t worry if you cannot make the live webinar, you can submit questions and listen to the recording.

The list below gives you a summary of all the resources that can be found in Bottled Up.

Included With Membership

  • Full access to membership area
  • Articles
  • Ebooks
  • Audios
  • Videos 
  • Full guided program
  • Private member’s forum
  • Regular Newsletters
  • Daily Motivational Messages
  • Optional Daily Spiritual Messages
  • Unique Online Intervention
  • Access to Live Webinars
  • Free Membership of BUD for your drinker

If you want to change your situation and help your family, your drinker and yourself – we are here to help.  So come and join, what are you waiting for?  It’s FREE to join!