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Bottled Wisdom

We have decided to create a new series of videos which we are calling Bottled Wisdom.  It is a series of short videos, around 5 minutes long, each one tackling a specific single issue.  It will be a distillation of the Bottled Up program in an easily accessible format.  The detail can be found in … Read More >

Lou Interviews John about Alcoholics Anonymous and Powerlessness

Lou interviews John about Alcoholics Anonymous and powerlessness to tease out the differences and similarities between Bottled Up and Alcoholics Anonymous.

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Tackling the Problem of Alcohol

This week we decided to do something a little bit different.  Instead of posting just one video we posted three on a single theme.  The theme is Tackling the Problem of Alcohol.  Hope you find them useful. Read More >

When do you leave an alcoholic?

This video is a response to a question asked by one of our members.  The question is - I would like you to speak more about parting as being a possible solution for partners as some drinkers will not change in spite of what the family do. If you have other topics that you would … Read More >

Is there hope for an alcoholic?

We asked for topics that you would like us to discuss and this video is the first of those topics.  One of the members asked - "I would be interested to know how to talk to a loved one when their life is nearing the end. I understand addiction is hard to beat, but I … Read More >

Hope at Christmas

Its that time of the year again, love it or dread it, its here.  In this video Lou and John talk about HOPE, the hope that can come out of the most challenging circumstances. This year is even more challenging as Covid 19 continues to make life difficult and stop us celebrating Christmas in a … Read More >

Living with a Drinker Coping with Celebrations

It’s that time of the year again where there are lots of celebrations,  Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas then New Year.  For some this is a time of joy and anticipation,  Sadly for others it can be a time of dread.

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BBC Interview

This week is Alcohol Awareness Week in the UK.  It is an annual event to get people to pay attention to the amount of alcohol that they are consuming.  As part of the event the BBC WM invited us onto the Late Show with Sunny and Shay to discuss alcohol consumption and Bottled Up.  Click … Read More >

You Can’t Love an Alcoholic Sober

Many think that love is all that is you need to change an alcoholic, here we explain why you can’t love an alcoholic sober

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Change Is An Inside Job

It is more productive to approach a problem saying, what can I do to fix it, than who do I blame. So often when we have are having difficulties, we view the problem and the solution and something that is outside of ourselves.  This is particularly true in the area of relationships where we hear “If only … Read More >

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