Conquering alcoholism needs understanding of the mechanisms underlying and driving drinking. This online program gives you the interactive tools to give you that understanding.

Alcoholism Help & Treatment

Here at Bottled Up for Drinkers we believe that every person has the ability to
conquer their addiction to alcohol. This site has been designed to give
people the support and advice that’s needed to help them to make the life
changes they desperately desire.

Understanding Alcoholism
At its core alcoholism is a response to an event or ongoing situation in
someone’s life. To be able to treat alcoholism effectively it is vital that you
have a deep understanding of these trigger events. This site will help you
develop this insight and identify the patterns of behaviour that lead to a
your drinking problem.

Treating Alcoholism
The Bottled Up for Drinkers online program has been developed through years
of practical addiction therapy experience and the latest research into
behaviour change techniques. What makes this program unique is that it’s
all online so that it can be accessed at your convenience. The first step in
this process is to take our Online Self Assessment