Secrets and Lies

In this video we discuss the function that secrets and lies play in supporting drinking and the drinking behaviour.

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  1. I only had a couple…..husband’s standard line…
    What a familiar story…hubby had these party friends that he thought he could continue to “play” with….he mostly did drugs like pot, acid, crank/meth and didn’t drink as much then, but when he stopped, he said he gave it up for ME, only to drink daily at home to replace the addiction he felt he deserved and felt I took away from him………he thinks because he is at home, he is being a saint and I should be glad he’s here rather than out and he thinks since giving up his previous lifestyle, I should be proud of that and shut up…So, I sound like a broken record, but I am still waiting for “Our turn” that will never happen…I get promised constantly how “tomorrow” we will do something and how things will be different and how he can stop anytime he wants and how all I have to do is let him know when we have something planned so he doesn’t drink that night…which of course, doesn’t happen on his end….We went to a show he wanted to see and they didn’t serve alcohol…it was later in the evening, but I asked if we could stop at the store before going home…I could see the grouchiness take over as he wanted to get home in a hurry to pour a few down to catch up on what he didn’t get yet….ugh…it’s bs. . After I put my foot down, he took me to the store quick and acted like nothing was bothering him, but we barely got in the door at home when he reached for a drink…almost like he needed something to save his life. 7 nights a week like this gets mighty old. I wish I could have kicked my 24 year old self in the ass and saw the future.

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