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Beauty for Ashes

The video below is an introduction to our brand new website, just launched today.  We thought that it was time that we talked about our faith.  We believe that God can help us with the crises we have in our lives,  and this website discusses how He has intervened and help us in our lives … Read More >

Hello and what’s new?

So, what’s new?  In this video we thought that we would just like to update you on what is happening in Bottled Up.  Rather than do an issue based video, we thought that it would be good to just have a chat and tell you what is happening in the website and with us.  Hope … Read More >

Craig Ferguson on Alcoholism

Craig Ferguson on alcoholism. Listen to Craig Ferguson talk about his alcoholism in an entertaining way while also giving a strong message about recovery and responsibility.

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What’s Your Bottom Line?

What's your bottom line?  Do you know?  Have you ever really thought about what would be the thing that would make you end the relationship? This was a difficult video to record.  We realise everyone is different, they have different temperaments, different expectations and come from different cultures.  So we have no intention of attempting … Read More >

I Feel Desperate

Do you feel desperate?  Do you feel that there is nothing you can do that can change your circumstances?  That you are powerless?  In this video we talk about the feelings that can accompany a crisis, the feeling of desperation that can overwhelm you and some things you can do to alleviate those feelings. I … Read More >

Dealing with a Crisis – Spiritual Support

In this video Lou talks about how she needed and found spiritual support to help her through the crisis of living with a problem drinker. Dealing with a Crisis - Spiritual Support Read More >

Dealing with a Crisis. Emotions

In the previous videos on Dealing with a Crisis, we discussed Safety - a very important topic, then part 2 we discussed some practical ways of dealing with and even avoiding crisis happening.  In this video Dealing with a Crisis, Emotions we discuss the emotions that accompany the difficult situations that you find yourself in.  … Read More >

Dealing with a Crisis. Part 2

This is Part 2 of Dealing with a Crisis.  In Part 1 we discussed staying safe.  In this video we discuss some practical ways that you can deal with the crisis and manage your environment to prevent events becoming crises.  Tell us how you are managing, any tips?

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Dealing with a Crisis

This video is part 1 of Dealing with a Crisis.  Unfortunately, during this time of lockdown and heightened stress many more people than usual are experiencing crises .  In the UK, and presumably the rest of the world, alcohol consumption has risen by over 20% and reported cases of domestic abuse have also risen by … Read More >

Why Should I Join Bottled Up?

Welcome to Bottled Up.  You probably came here because you live with a problem drinker.  You have tried may things (maybe even everything) but it has had no effect.  So, how would joining Bottled Up help?  Is it just another self-help group?  Easy answer is no! Bottled Up has a program that leads you by … Read More >

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