Is there hope for an alcoholic?

We asked for topics that you would like us to discuss and this video is the first of those topics.  One of the members asked –

“I would be interested to know how to talk to a loved one when their life is nearing the end. I understand addiction is hard to beat, but I struggle to understand how the pull is so strong that someone puts their life on the line.”

Here are our views on that question.

If you have any views on this video or the subject that we discuss in it, then please leave a comment below.  If you want us to discuss a topic related to alcoholism or living with an alcoholic, please leave a comment telling us your question and we will try and address it in a later video.

2 Replies to “Is there hope for an alcoholic?”

  1. Lou and John, a huge thank to you both for addressing this issue which is something I struggle with. I feel like I am watching some-one commit suicide very slowly and I can’t help. “Sticks and carrots” you say – well, I seem to swing between the two (when one doesn’t work, I switch to the other!), but having heard John speak of his own experience, it will definitely be more carrots from now on! (I am also very aware that I am human and sometimes I am tired and can’t dig deep enough to find any more carrots!). And I particularly found Lou’s experience of helping those with depression inspirational when she said she held a candle for them as they were too weak to do that on that own. A very powerful talk from you both which will stay with me. Thank you again.

  2. Hi John
    Thank you for dedicating your time and life to help alcoholics and their families. We have been living a 3 year nightmare with our 37 year old daughter. She has been through 2 different rehab facilities, with no success. Her husband left a year ago and she and our 5 year old grandson have been living with us since. Our ex son-in-law believes she is better and we have continued to keep the appearance that it is to protect our grandson and avoid losing custody of him. I just watched your video “I’m sorry ” and it certainly hit home. It’s the small betrayals. The lies are literally killing me. I am having a difficult time understanding how anyone could do this to their children. Do you have any experience or can you talk about how to handle situations where there are grandchildren involved? Also, what do you do when they go so far as to drink rubbing alcohol? I’m at the end of my rope and I totally understand your wife saying that she didn’t like you anymore, but it can’t be normal that I feel the same about my own daughter. I’m struggling and appreciate all you do.

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