Anger is natural when you live with a drinker

Here are another two videos in the Bottled Wisdom series.  In these two videos we look at two issues Anger and Staying positive.  In the first video we talk about anger.

When your needs and those of the people you love are overlooked or trampled on, anger is a normal feeling. However, the way you choose to handle that emotion will make a difference. Learning to appropriately process your anger may change the way you feel and even, maybe, the way your partner behaves.

In this second video we discuss retaining positivity.  By the way, there is no way we think that this is an easy task.  However, we do believe that it is healthier for your relationship and can help the drinker to seek sobriety.

Try to focus on what is positive. Try to keep respect alive. There may indeed be obvious areas to criticise, but there will be other things worthy of praise that are being overlooked. Mutual respect fuels a relationship; lack of respect may fuel the problem drinker to drown his shame!

4 Replies to “Anger is natural when you live with a drinker”

  1. Your advice on being positive when calling out the drinker was the key! We are in a very good place right now.

  2. Another video watched and another aspect to really think about. I have come to this site because i LOVE my partner. Iv heard so many things that are true to how my life/relationship is at the moment. I going yo take baby steps to try to make it better. Jon you always have a sentence that hits home so strong. Thank you both

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