Update and plans May 21

It is a while since we recorded a video to tell you what we are actually doing in the website.  Most of the videos we have recorded recently have addressed some issue concerning problem drinking and/or recovery.  So this is a quick update on our current activity and thinking.

So, in this video we talk a little bit about feedback and sharing with each other in the Forum.  We also touch on our new plans for creating a tighter community within the membership and increasing the level of support.  This “Bootcamp”  is still at the planning stage but we are planning to launch it sometime in July.

We thank all of you who have donated, it is through your generosity that Bottled Up continues to be FREE to anyone who wants or needs it.  We have made a commitment to provide access to all of the resources for free in the future.  If you would like to help us you can make a donation here.

Finally we talk a little about our other website – Beauty for Ashes – which is where we discuss the spiritual aspects of our lives and recovery.  As we have said in the past, we separated it from Bottled Up to prevent it becoming a possible barrier to anyone getting help.  You can access Beauty for Ashes here.


Lou and John

PS:  If you would like some personal coaching to help you to cope,
put boundaries in place or get answers to burning questions you can
get help at this link  1 to 1 with John

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One Reply to “Update and plans May 21”

  1. Hi Lou and John
    Thanks for the interesting video. I’m a parent of an alcoholic and I am interested in participating in the “bootcamp” group.
    The saying that “Addiction flourishes in secrecy ” rang loud bells with me!! I hadn’t heard that before.
    I’d be very grateful if you could let me know when you have more details about the group.
    Best wishes

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