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Motivation to Change

hi I started to do a series on recovery how I had recovered and in this one I want to talk about the actual change the actual motivation to change.  I talked in the previous video in the series about how much alcohol meant to me.  I used the phrase and one or two people … Read More >

My Partner is an Alcoholic, Should I leave Him?

Lou - and the subject that we’re talking about today is My partner is a problem drinker, should I leave him? John – Sadly when I look at websites or read agony columns where this question is asked – Help my husband is an alcoholic? The most common answer is Run, leave, get out. And … Read More >

A Christmas Message of Hope

Here is another message of Hope at Christmas.  In this video Lou and John talk about the hope that Google brought to the Bottled Up website and ultimately to all those who find Bottled Up through Google.  They also talk about how you can bring the best Christmas present to others in your situation - … Read More >

A Message of Hope at Christmas

Here is a message of Hope at Christmas from John.  In this video he talks about how he was given hope by his boss.  At the time he was a mess, in the DT's (Delirium Tremens) and felt that he was a hopeless case.  However his bosses reaction changed things for John and helped him … Read More >

An article about second hand/passive drinking

I came across this article in the Guardian which talks about second hand drinking.  Have a read of it and tell us what you think of it.  Is it a fair and balanced piece of reporting or is it way off the mark and completely wrong?  You can find the article at the link below. … Read More >

Chain of Care

Hi this is a heart-to-heart video that we would on a regular basis, and we want to talk to you today about what we call our chain of care.  For some time now, certainly the last couple of months, I've really had this feeling that we should make Bottled Up free.  So, I shipped this … Read More >

This is Us

This is a short introduction to who we are, what we do and why we do it.  Watching this will provide a little bit of insight into us and the Bottled Up website. Read More >

Do Partners of Alcoholics Need Help?

OK, fair enough, I can understand why some people think that way.  I can understand how they arrive at that attitude or belief, but I still get frustrated.  Sorry about that, maybe I shouldn’t, or maybe if I do, I should keep it to myself.  But if I do, then I feel that I am … Read More >

Why Did We Combine the Websites?

We are Lou and John and we live in the UK, we are both therapists.  I have a thriving counseling practice John is a doctor of psychology.  We just want to explain to you why we have brought - what were two diverse websites and put them under the same umbrella. - John I think … Read More >

My Alcoholic Drinking Style

So what did my drinking look like?  I suppose, for much of my drinking, it resembled a sort of party drinking.  It was never really what you would call genteel social drinking.   And I don't think I was ever that kind of drinker. Right from I when picked up a drink, right at the beginning, … Read More >

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