Yesterday’s strangers are today’s friends and tomorrow’s saviours.

The world is a very different place from a few weeks ago, even from last week.  Unbelievably, even the streets of Mumbai are deserted as India goes into lockdown and I have never seen our local towns so quiet.  Yet, in the middle of all this uncertainty, we find acts of kindness and sacrifice and people coming together in, what was previously, unthinkable ways.

Example of kindness can be large, for example the self-sacrifice of the Italian priest who gave his respirator, and subsequently his life, for someone younger that he did not even know.  Or they can be smaller, but no less meaningful to someone, like phoning an elderly neighbour to check if they are all right.

Some of you may know of our daughter Cassia who blogs for Bottled Up sometimes.  She is in the vulnerable category; because of fibromyalgia and lives nearly 200 miles away from us.  In the last two days, the people in her street have created a Facebook page to look after each other emotionally and practically, which really reduces some of the worry that we had about her.  What is amazing about that street is that, as is the case in many cities, before this crisis they had never even spoken to each other.

Our world is changing!  We are being forced to examine our needs and to adapt.  At, or near, the top of our list of our needs is unity and partnership.  It is ironic, that in this time of social isolation, the old adage “No man is an island” has never been more true!  Yesterday’s strangers are today’s friends and tomorrow’s saviours.

As physical shops and service providers close down, Bottled Up is open.  We are here for you.  Our thoughts and our prayers are with you.  If you are a member, you can talk to us, and each other, in the Forum in complete confidence.  If you are not a member, and alcohol is having a negative effect on your life, you can join for free (use the links below).

Leave us a message here about any acts of kindness happening in your area or elsewhere.  It would be great to have some good news as an antidote to the doom, gloom and panic of the media.  Feel free to give a shout out to anyone who you think deserve to be thanked.

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2 Replies to “Yesterday’s strangers are today’s friends and tomorrow’s saviours.”

  1. A quick update of just a few of the positive stories associated with the caronavirus.

    One amazing benefit from the lockdown can be seen in India. Nitrogen Oxide levels have dropped by between 45-50% in some of their cities vastly improving the air quality.

    In Venice the canals have become clear enough to actually see fish!
    Over half a million people have volunteered to help the National Health service in the UK. Big, big thank you to all of them!!

    And there are so many random acts of kindness around the world that we now have a new word “Caremongering”. Love it, love it, love it!

    What’s happening in your area?

  2. Hi
    The town council have asked everyone who are not in the at risk category to pull together and opt to volunteer to :
    Deliver meals on wheels
    Meals to children
    Isolation calls
    Pharmacy pick ups
    Its amazing how many people in our community have volunteered
    We are finding our community and caring spirits again.
    If something good can come out of this difficult situation it’s this and spending quality time as a family again and also finding time for ourselves once again
    Slowing down recharging batteries
    Also how can we forget to thank all the front line workers
    Key workers
    Essential workers
    Thank you to you all and all the volunteers
    What an amazing bunch you all are

    Thank you

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