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  1. Thank you both for sharing that with us . It was a very moving story of the Beginning/ Birth of Bottled-Up. I do have a spiritual side , and many times would be lost without my trust in prayer , that things will change or that I shall be able to accept my lot with grace . I enjoy the spiritual and motivational messages daily . Of course being human when things are bad ,I have my doubts !! but there is always something that jogs me back again and restores my belief –not always what I have asked for perhaps just something that makes me happy that day .. So it’s onwards with the practical programme plus prayers for us all . Best Wishes Etta .

  2. I appreciate all you’ve done- I have Bipolar Disorder, and am now drinking on a daily basis to manage. In 2018, I quit for 6 months, but the stress of my relationship eventually brought me back. I did so much better when I didn’t drink! I now struggle with the depression drinking brings, but can’t seem to break the cycle again. The only AA meetings around here don’t start till 6p, and I’m not good at making it that far. I don’t get drunk, but start a buzz from about 4p- 7p, daily. This hurts my mental health so much, leaving my meds useless. If I could Stop, at least for a week, I’d be so much better off! Thank you both for your message of hope, and plz don’t put me on a public forum- I’ve already heard enough from the AA types, and don’t need another lecture from folks I barely know with no real understanding of duel- diagnosis. You’re both well educated in this field, and I look forward to more info from you! Thank you for your understanding and all you’re doing to help us!!!

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