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De escalating Tensions During Coronavirus Lockdown

This video discusses ways to de-escalate tensions during the coronavirus lockdown.   For many people lockdown is a pressure cooker of tension, highlighting drinking behaviour

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Handling Fear

How are you handling fear?  Fear is high at this time where the world seems such an alien place.  Nothing is the same as it was and many are in lockdown, perhaps with one of their greatest  fears. Handling fear Read More >

Tips to Reduce Drinking

Here are some tips to reduce drinking that may have escalated during the current situation

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Triumph of the Human Spirit

The story of Captain Tom Moore’s fundraising walk is an inspiring one. It beautifully demonstrates the triumph of the human spirit in a time of great..

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Good Friday Update

In this update video we talk about a number of things including talking (with the accent on listening) to each other. We have just posted a new video with some news and some tips.  We also talk about the chain of care and an offer for 1 to 1 coaching. Leave us a comment below … Read More >

Social Isolation and Withdrawal

A quick video talking about what social isolation might be like for anyone with a drinking problem. As you can see above I am settling into the style of isolation chic (a bit like shabby chic, but without the chic part). Leave a comment below and tell us how you are managing through this period … Read More >

Racing to Sobriety

I'm delighted to introduce Ryan sharing about his sobriety.  He contacted me  yesterday asking if there was something he could do to help.  So I asked him to write his story and we would post it on the Blog.  So here it is. Hi my name is Ryan and I’m a alcoholic. I’m 31 years … Read More >

Yesterday’s strangers are today’s friends and tomorrow’s saviours.

The world is a very different place from a few weeks ago, even from last week.  Unbelievably, even the streets of Mumbai are deserted as India goes into lockdown and I have never seen our local towns so quiet.  Yet, in the middle of all this uncertainty, we find acts of kindness and sacrifice and … Read More >

Coping and the Coronavirus

Coping and the Coronavirus Well the coronavirus has finally hit our sleepy little corner of the earth down here in East Devon.  Yesterday we went shopping in the local supermarket to find the shelves empty, very little meat, no bread, rice or pasta and, of course, no toilet rolls.  Why toilet rolls??  Of all the … Read More >

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