Why Should I Join Bottled Up?

Welcome to Bottled Up.  You probably came here because you live with a problem drinker.  You have tried may things (maybe even everything) but it has had no effect.  So, how would joining Bottled Up help?  Is it just another self-help group?  Easy answer is no!

Bottled Up has a program that leads you by the hand and shows you what works and, equally important, what doesn’t work.  It starts by showing you behaviours that don’t help, don’t work and often make things worse.  Then shows you how to care for yourself.  Finally, it gives you unique tools to help change your situation and your drinker.

Why Should I join Bottled Up?

To join the Family section of Bottled Up click on – Join Family Area

To join the Drinkers section of Bottled Up click on – Join Drinkers Area

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