Handling Fear

How are you handling fear?  Fear is high at this time where the world seems such an alien place.  Nothing is the same as it was and many are in lockdown, perhaps with one of their greatest  fears.

Handling fear

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  1. I want to unsubscribe. Thank you for the advice, it has been very helpful and we’ve solved a lot of issues together. My husband is now taking the initiative to stop drinking on his own and upis doing great. Taking these steps through love and open communication has been the best solution for us. Again, thank you but please let me know how to unsubscribe, for myself and my husband’s accounts.

    1. We are so glad that we could help and that using our approach has brought a positive outcome. We totally agree – taking steps through love and open communication is the best way forward. Again thanks for the comment. I have sent instructions on how to subscribe by personal email. Best wishes for the future.

  2. Thank you so much for the common sense…
    Instead of sitting there and unsetting yourself. If you can help a neighbor or do something different for yourself or a loved one. That will go a long way to help relieve so much of the anxiety and feeling of helplessness. Thank you so much for your positive forward-moving suggestions and for being there for all of us…

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