UK Blessing

This is a video of the UK Blessing, a collaboration of singers and choirs from churches throughout the UK.  Including some who are friends of ours.  We thought that you may appreciate the video which is going viral at the moment.  It is one of those videos that can be appreciated on many different levels.  The message is very uplifting which is the main reason we have posted it!  It may be something that we all welcome in this current climate.

However, the music and the production are both superb.  And the underlying lesson from the video is that, although we may be locked down in our own homes, we can still come together in meaningful and wonderful ways (back to our Chain of Care).  Enjoy and let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment below.  We hope you are blessed by it.

There seems to be some copyright issues surrounding this video which are beyond the control of Bottled Up.  If the video above will not play then try this link.  The UK Blessing

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  1. Wow! I really enjoyed this, thank you for posting it! So comforting and uplifting to see and hear voices and faces of Hope and Light sing of the Lord God’s Love for us in these dark times! Looked it up on YouTube after watching it here and was delighted to see it’s had 2 and a half million views 🙂

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