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  1. Joined up with you a couple of weeks ago…can so much identify with with what you’re saying. My husband has also joined,…..he looks at some things but I think some are a bit too close to home at present . Hopefully, with your exp and advice, we can get there x

  2. My 22yr old daughter who has a 4.5yr old daughter has started drinking. I’m not sure how long it’s been going on for and I don’t THINK is a daily thing. They live with me and I just don’t know how to deal with it. I love your advice but sometimes can’t see how I can use it with my daughter instead of a partner? Also she doesn’t seem to get “drunk” I’m sure she drinks at night when alone? I know it’s a problem though, she puts the vodka in water bottles etc and hides the empty bottles.

    1. Hello Marion, I saw your message and it rang home. I too have a child who I believe is an alcoholic and don’t know where to turn. He’s 21 and I fear he’s slowly killing himself. He seems to be developing bad memory loss and is wracked with pain which makes him drink more to escape it. I’ve tried doctors, social workers, local rehabs since he was 17 but they all say they can’t help until he’s ready and self-refers. I can’t understand why there isn’t more support out there for parents. I feel like I’m having to watch and wait for him to die.

  3. My partner is 58 4 months ago he had his 3rd heart attack. He actually had cardiac arrest and was dead for 5 minutes he spent 7 weeks in the hospital and 5 of those were in ICU. He had to to spend more time in a medically induced coma due to detoxing from alcohol. The doctors kept telling me he would not survive and if he did he would be a vegetable. He did survive and has regained all cognitive and physical function! When we got home from the hospital he went 2 weeks without drinking or smoking then he started back drinking from when he wakes up until when he goes to bed. The doctors had told me if he continues this behavior he will die. Yet he continues to do so and I am at my wits end. I can’t leave for financial reasons but that is what I want to do because I can’t watch him “drown”. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. Very unfortunate; to waste a life like this…..May I ask, how much did/does drink? Mine has been drinking daily/nightly for at least the 36 years we’ve been married….I always wonder what will happen….I am in the same boat and can’t go anywhere due to financial reasons…it’s so hard on those of us who are at the other end.

    2. I really feel for you – it’s devastating to watch a loved one drink themselves literally to death. I believe in the power of prayer and when I’ve been in hopeless or dangerous situation through drinkers, I have prayed,sometimes we have to pray for them, sometimes for ourselves. I have found God intervenes and helps, if not them, then you. If you don’t have Christian friends, you could call a Christian prayerline or chatline, talk to them about your situation or ask them to pray for you both? I have been in your situation and have thought why should we both drown? It may be better to take some time away, ask or pray for help for your husband, and maybe join AA or similar , for support for yourself?

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