My Partner Thinks that I’m and Alcoholic

Continuing the series where Lou interviews John on his 1 to 1 sessions, this video is about sessions with the drinker rather than the family member.  Sometimes family members ask me to talk to their drinker, something that I am happy to do provided their drinker is willing.

At times the drinker will be aware of their problem and see this as an opportunity to begin the process of change.  At other times the drinker is there just to keep the peace by placating their partner.  Often this group, when I ask them – “How can I help you?”,  will open with the statement “My partner thinks that I have a drinking problem.”

My job then is to get them to start talking about their drinking, amount, frequency and consequences.  The goal then is to explore whether their partner’s concerns are valid and the drinker does indeed have a problem.  And, if they think that there is a problem we can then explore ways that they can address it.

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