I’m Listening

This is the second video in this short series about 1 to 1 with John.  In the series Lou interviews John about his sessions and asks him about the most common issues that arise.

In this video John discusses the most common issue of all, that people just need to talk, to share what is happening to them, to share their pain.  Talking to someone is a therapeutic process as it allows you to let go of some of the pressure and have your struggle validated.

If you would like to hear the Introduction to this series you can find it here.

If you would like to have a 1 to 1 and speak to John you can book here.

If you would like to book a 1 to 1 session with John then click on this link to see John’s availability.

3 Replies to “I’m Listening”

  1. Hi John
    My ex husband has had a drink & drug problem for years. We’ve been separated for over 6 years but over that time he’s had 50/50 care of our 2 children who are now 17 and 13. The 17 is starting to articulate to friends & school about how his dads behaviour has affected him, to the point he’s been feeling suicidal in the last few months and took a paracetamol overdose in January. He’s now also receiving help from CAMHS. However my 13 year old is definitely bottling everything up and can’t even begin to articulate how he’s feeling. He just says he’s fine or cries if someone asks. School and I can see the impact in terms of obvious anxieties and he also seems to be emotionally immature for his age, perhaps regressing to childish behaviour as some kind of coping mechanism. I just wondered if you have any experience of talking with teenagers or know of someone that might be able to help. We live in Derbyshire.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Julie
      One of the great tragedies of problem drinking is the effect it has on the family, in particular the children. We know this first hand in our own family. However, this is not an area that we work in, (we only work with adults). I do recommend a friend of ours Jo Huey, who does work in the area of Children of Alcoholics. Jo and her sister are survivors of an alcoholic parent and now help others. She works out of Bournemouth but, like most people now, has an online service.

      You can find her at her website at this link.

    2. Hi Julie , my child has things they won’t discuss around parental drinking but I have put the number for NACOA in thier phone. Its for children of alcoholics of any age they have a chatline and online recourses which weve looked at together. My child is very shut off to me on this but I have given them information for when they want to access it. They are online and social media. Hope they get the support they need.x

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