Living with a drinker, anger and frustration

When frustration boils over and you lose your temper with the problem drinker, this is really understandable. It may even help you to feel better for a while. However, as a continuing practise it is likely to undermine rather than encourage the recovery process.

4 Replies to “Living with a drinker, anger and frustration”

  1. I am trying very hard to not let my anger suface when my partner comes in from work via some pub!! How difficult it is because I know he drove home. What advice is there to get a point over re how wrong this is! This is one area that makes my anxiety worse and the thought of other people getting hurt. John said its just becomes a noise to the drinker if you keep on so I am doing my best.

  2. I am also trying to control my anger when my husband comes home from the pub, and chose not to say anything instead. But he still knows I’m angry from the look on my face and then becomes quietly angry himself as he doesn’t think it’s justified. Eventually we talk and things improve but then start all over again the next time he gets drunk a few days later!

  3. i don’t have to deal with going to the bar after work , he just drinks all the way home while driving. Makes me feel like he has to be drunk to come home to me.

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