Surviving Life with a Drinker

This week’s videos are a continuation of last week’s theme of empowerment, although the title (Surviving Life with a Drinker) is not quite as grand, indeed some might view it as not even being as positive.  In fact it is more about the actual practicalities involved in empowerment, rather than the philosophical standpoint.  Or in plain speech, it is one thing talking about the concept of empowerment it is quite another talking about how you actually do that.

So, we have two videos the first one is about taking things a step at a time.  Often when change is wanted/needed, people try to do it all at once, then when they don’t see a transformation they can become very discouraged.  It is about seeing change as a process, rather than some grand event (which it can be but rarely is).

The second video is in a similar vein.  It is also about not overreaching ourselves.  Rather than feel that we have to challenge every wrong, every slight, every time things are not going as we hoped or planned, this video suggests that we choose what battles we need to fight, and what battles we let go.

A long journey is made up of small steps.  Small steps are made achievable and are more likely to be more permanent than sweeping gestures that are unrealistic and unsustainable.  Doing something small each day can change the ‘big picture’ considerably.

Anxiety and anger drives us to impulsive reactions threatening, pleading, demanding etc. Wisdom teaches us to take a step back and take time to think things through. Know your battleground. Know your goals. Try to choose the right time and approach things in a calm and measured way.

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3 Replies to “Surviving Life with a Drinker”

  1. The video about picking your battles was so me! I am that little pixie sitting on the bed not holding back with all that my drinker partner did or said the night before. I am that angry person shouting out empty threats. So I am going to try to take on board some of the tips given- a more measured approach. Fingers crossed. It will take time.

  2. I love the videos. I still don’t know what to do about our situation because there is a 5 year old grandson involved. It’s a terrible situation, so it’s difficult not to apply many of the 4 “P’s”! I will continue to watch and learn for the sake of our grandson and our drinker. It’s a sad, sad life!

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