Resentment and Forgiveness

This is a huge and a difficult topic.  However it is one that we feel is so important that we have actually recorded two videos about the topic.

The first video is from a professional point of view, what therapists would say to you and what the research shows.  The second video is from a far more personal viewpoint.  We have both been through difficult times and have been hurt by other people, and by ourselves! We know what it is like to be resentful and unforgiving and we also know how difficult it is to be forgiving.  So we don’t approach the topic lightly.

5 Replies to “Resentment and Forgiveness”

  1. Very hard to forgive the things he does .We have 54 years of marriage.Our love is steal strong put when He does things when drinking I get angry and my love dismissed.

  2. Lou just listening to you helps. I find it hard to forgive but have been trying your tips. The main reason because I didnt like ME- the person I started to become. Being very unkind saying unnecessary hurtful things bringing up the past. Or just not talking to my partner- I could keep this up for days. I didnt realise how much this impacted on the realationship and his drinking. Not so long ago my partner said he knows he is to blame for alot of things but he doesnt always deserve how unkind I am to him. Actually he is right and I dont want to be this person who was taking ME over. I even cried at this realisation. I am a nice- caring – loving and quite funny person. Still a way to go but like the previous videos- there has been progress.

  3. In the supermarket over half hour ago with my 7day sober husband arguing over a cabbage,long story short he wants to cook dinner ,fair enough,He likes cabbage.I don’t,I asked him to compromise,he said no,I’m pretty easy going but the gall of the man ,He got his cabbage and yes I did get my kale
    Watching your video on forgiveness ,there are times that silly things like a bloody cabbage can upset the applecart and forgiveness is hard to come by , It’s a work in progress .love all your videos.thank you

  4. Thank you for these little reminders in Bottled Wisdom .
    Although my son has stopped drinking for almost 2 years now ,I still have some resentment for all the pain he caused (15years on and off ) .
    Bottled Up helped me along the journey to let go of what I could .
    These little videos are a reminder not to dwell on the past ,even when my son annoys me now ,sobriety is still fragile and I have to remember how resentment in the past destroyed me as well as him .

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