What Does Change Look Like When You Live with a Problem Drinker

Its been a little while since we posted anything new in the Blog.  The main reason is that we have been busy setting up the Mentorship Community which we are glad to say is now established.

In this video we discuss the process of change, what does it look like.


3 Replies to “What Does Change Look Like When You Live with a Problem Drinker”

  1. I changed my behaviour after realising my drinker wasn’t going to change anytime soon and I wasn’t going to leave him. I now go out without him more I.e with my friends and family (and actually enjoy myself) and he goes out on his own more. It seems to work. The times we go out together are still tricky as we’re on such different levels but at least i get to enjoy myself some of the time now. It’s not what I wanted from a relationship, I wanted someone I could have fun WITH, but it’s my way of coping. And ensuring I at least have some fun some times without the inevitable drama & embarrassment.

    1. I agree. This is all we can do. My drinker is selfish with a stubborn attitude about everything. There is no changing him and he says he likes this and doesn’t want to change. A truly weak man he is…afraid of living and laughing, but holds on to pain and negativity like old friends. I am many notches down on his list of importance.

  2. For a few years now, I don’t travel with him anymore…if I do, not too far. I make more plans with my family..sister, niece…like you, I’m not leaving, so I’ve changed..
    I don’t fight with him about his drinking anymore I just made it very clear why I don’t go places with him anymore. I let him know I love him, but won’t put up with his drinking anymore. I signed up for 3 art classes and take care of me.

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