Secrecy and problem drinking

People regularly believe that secrecy helps their drinker.  Often, when the families of problem drinkers talk to us, they will say that they have not told anyone about the drinking issues. While their loyalty to their drinker is commendable it is, unfortunately, also mis-placed. In this video we touch on some of the reasons why secrecy may not be the best strategy.

5 Replies to “Secrecy and problem drinking”

  1. Great video. Thanks John.

    What about drinkers who don’t care who knows they drink loads and just laugh off any concerns? Is there a good way to deal with that issue?

  2. Hi John. I have met a guy just over a year ago. (We both are 45 years old) Genuinely a great person, and love him very much. But i have sadly through this time discovered he drinks in secret during the day +- once a week or so, neat vodka, wine etc to the point of passing out for a few hours. (This is now over and above socializing over weekends, but then just drinks beer) i have been trying to help him.. he has gone for therapy, gone to dr for anxiety pills etc, but it never lasts. We still stay in our own seperate places, although he wants us to move un together. My question: do i rather turn around and walk away from this situation or hope he will eventually see the light? He feels he is able to control his drinking. So he is obviously in denial and not wanting to make the decision to stop completely. Note: all of his friends and family are social drinkers. He has his own business, so easy to go home and drink., even sometimes starting as early as 9 in the morning. I need advise desperately

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