Supporting Change in Your Drinker

In the previous post (Changing your drinking:  The 10 most important strategies for success)  we discussed the important strategies to change drinking.  Although aimed mainly at the drinker, they would also be of interest to the family and partners of drinkers.  In this companion video we discuss how the family can help and support those strategies for change.  What is important is that we view change as a joint effort.  Although drinker have to change their drinking behaviour, the family has to help that change through emotional and practical support.  Recovery is a family matter!!

2 Replies to “Supporting Change in Your Drinker”

  1. Thank you John and Lou
    These posts are really helpful as my son has stopped drinking for the past few months and although doing really well on that score is slow to change lazy ways and spends far too much time on his computer ,no exercise.
    I guess I’ll have to try and stop being critical and try to be more encouraging .
    Listening to these posts makes me realise that perhaps I am expecting too much to happen at once .

    1. HI Etta
      thanks for your comment. It can be a bit of a tightrope between encouragement in their change and criticism. But most things can be forgiven if they come from a loving heart. I’m sure that you get it right more often than you don’t.

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