New Year, New Opportunities

This video is slightly different from our usual, a bit more personal rather than informational.  In it we talk about two topics, our website Beauty For Ashes and the Chain of Care.

Beauty for Ashes is a website that we created to talk about the spiritual aspects of our lives.  We felt that we wanted somewhere we could discuss this topic in a non-preachy, non-religious manner.  So the result was Beauty for Ashes.  Some people may find it useful, others might not so, rather than include it as part of Bottled Up, we took the decision to  give the topic its own website.  Feel free to visit here – Beauty for Ashes.

The other topic is the Chain of Care – which we introduced over two years ago , you can see the original video here – Chain of Care.  This is a way of both helping yourself and others by contributing to Bottled Up either by donating financially or by sharing your story and helpful tips.

Finally, thankyou to everyone who has helped to keep Bottled Up free for those who need it.


If you wish to donate, click on the link and you can find a donation form at the foot of this page.  Click here to Donate.

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  1. Thank you for all you do and especially to Lou for her Christmas Broadcast. Much more helpful than the Queen’s!
    Where do I find details for donations please.? I live in the UK.
    Detaching has been my best tool – in fact it’s all been helpful, comforting and empowering. It was heartening to hear John speak about the selfishness in addiction. I also believe that there’s an element of wilfulness involved too, but perhaps that’s just bravado to hide the drinker’s vulnerability?

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