If I Stop Drinking I’ll Lose My Friends

Hi years ago I used to work in an alcohol rehab and I’ve seen many people come and go, some being successful, some not being successful. Very often people would give you excuses but why they can’t give up drinking at that particular moment in time. And you know what it boils down to, is there’s not an awful lot of excuses.  They seems to be the same.

One of the main ones is if I give up drinking I’m going to lose my friends.  Okay you might say it well that’s, that’s a valid one. I have to say that for me, that was fairly easy one because by the end of my drinking I was drinking alone anyway.  I I didn’t have many friends around me.  And I think that’s often with the same with other people.  They may help people that they drink worth but you have to ask are they really friends.   If they are, then they would support you stopping drinking because they would be seeing that you are damaging yourself.  and if they don’t support you then you have to ask well how good friends are they?

For a lot of people who give up drinking they think really they don’t have to change their lifestyle, that they can hang about with exactly the same people as they hung about with before, they can go down the pub and they can sit there with you know the very expensive coca-cola as you buy rounds for everybody else.  But it doesn’t work like that.  If you sit there long enough then unfortunately you probably gonna drink because it’s very difficult to sit there when everybody else is doing something that you can’t, whether it be you know eating whether it be eating chocolate whether it be you know drinking whether it be you know smoking tall dope, It’s very difficult to sit there as everybody else does something and you can’t.

And unless you get extremely good willpower and mostly people who end up having to give up drinking don’t, then you know it’s not going to work you are on a loser. So once we get sober, once we get some stability behind us, you know we could pick up the friends again and if they’re drinking that’s ok.   because you then have the stability to say no. Where as at the beginning that’s very very difficult.

I’ll talk about some of the other issues in some of the other videos

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