Dealing with Anxiety

Few, if any, of us will not have had to deal with anxiety at some time in our lives.  And, if you live with a problem drinker, the odds are that you are dealing with high levels of anxiety.

In this video Lou discusses the anxiety that was the result of living with a drinker and the way she found to cope with it. Then John and her discuss a few other ways that can help to deal with anxiety.

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  1. The same part of our brain, that protected us from being by the sabre toothed tiger still exists, so we are always anticipating danger, it keeps us alive.

    Anxiety is not all negative, we need it for survival, but if we pay attention to it, we can examine whether or not it is necessary at this moment. Thoughts are just thoughts they are not facts. If we attach a story to the thought, thats when the anxiety starts to build. Investigate it, break it down, feel it in the body, and know this too shall pass.

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