When You Feel that Hope is Slipping Away

Sometimes we feel that there is no hope that its not worth going on.  If you are feeling that way, then this video is for you.

In the video we discuss various aspects surrounding hope and some ways that we can build hope and sometimes that we need to view it in a different way.  It also talks about how you need to look after yourself.  This is so important, if you do not look after yourself you will find it impossible to look after anyone else.

3 Replies to “When You Feel that Hope is Slipping Away”

  1. This video cannot have come at a more appropriate time. I’m feeling broken by my alcoholics latest binge. Hope is indeed feeling very far away right now. I feel on the brink of losing it all. I’m so very tired of this wretched cycle. I have changed the way I behave, tried to be more encouraging and get my own life back. I was valuing him and remembering why I love this man so much. Sometimes I feel it would be a lot easier if I didn’t love him. Then I could walk away and start again rather then getting entwined in this wretched disease. You two are my hope right now. I value your videos immensely. Thank you

    1. I feel the same. I often think would be easy if I wouldn’t love him so much. But we are here loving our drinker.
      I appreciate this so much. After I tried different support groups and therapy and counselling and many things for years this is the first time I’m feeling this is helping me, because loving my husband is not wrong, there is Hope and Love and I’m here loving and valuing the person and not just dealing with the drunk monster he becomes.

  2. Gosh this word Love I am wondering if it’s a sense of duty as a caring human being that keeps us in the awful and tragic situations. I have a known this drinker for many years and he was enhanced to my sister. He’s been in/out of my life and my families life for many years. Recently, a year he’s been living at my my house. He’s been going to AA for a while drinks non-alcoholic beer but has experienced several relapses. The current one is what has brought me to Bottle-up. I too live with hope, in fact it’s always been one of my values. A kind of radar that I constantly remind myself of. So much more to say and share. Take care.

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