Things I wish I had known at the beginning of my relationship

Continuing with the series of – Things I know now that wish I had known …., Lou talks about the beginning of her relationship.  What would she have done differently, would she still have got married or what would she have changed.  Find out by watching this video.

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2 Replies to “Things I wish I had known at the beginning of my relationship”

  1. That analogy really hit home for me. I moved in, he was good for awhile, but in the end he would come home pour 2 large glasses of wine, and be asleep in the chair by 7:00 p.m. sun shining outside, his day was over. The mistress really hit home, there was always something between us and it was the booze. His favourite saying was “this is they way I am, this is the way I have always been, and I am not changing” what can you do with that? His behaviour would become reckless and he would say and do things I know he would never do if he wasn’t drinking. In the end the alcohol won, he had too many sorrows piled up in the drinking column and thought all the answers to his problems could be found at the bottom of a glass. Much like my father.

    1. Hi Sue
      my answer to this is the way I am etc – is that it is such a pity to miss the opportunity to be an ‘even’ better version of you. If we were offered an upgrade in a hotel from the small room overlooking the bins to the presidential suite, we would jump at the chance. This could be a great opportunity and you could be missing so much, but hey, if you just want to stay down here, that’s your choice.

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