O is for Optimise your time when they are sober

O is for optimising your time when they are sober. There is a great temptation to ‘punish’ the drinker in some way when the alcohol has worn off. The ‘punishment’ may take a number of forms, eg the silent treatment or picking a fight.

These are very natural reactions to the heavy drinking that has preceded the period of sobriety. However, regardless of how justified those reactions may be, they are unlikely to result in any positive change. In fact, in many cases it may exacerbate the drinking instead.

In this video we discuss another approach. The rationale behind this approach is both short term peace and a demonstration that there is life after alcohol.

2 Replies to “O is for Optimise your time when they are sober”

  1. Thank you. Yes, this is the only little slice of normalcy in our relationship for a few hours on Saturday afternoons..short lived, but I’ll take it. ☺

  2. What do you do though when your drinker has no desire or wish to do anything with you even when sober? No motivation no interest in anything.

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