What’s Your Bottom Line?

What’s your bottom line?  Do you know?  Have you ever really thought about what would be the thing that would make you end the relationship?

This was a difficult video to record.  We realise everyone is different, they have different temperaments, different expectations and come from different cultures.  So we have no intention of attempting to impose our limits on you, or anybody.  However, we do suggest that safety, yours and your children’s should be paramount. and should be the bottom line.

Do you have a bottom line?  How do you decide what it is and have you kept to it?  Tell us in the comments below.

What's Your Bottom Line?

One Reply to “What’s Your Bottom Line?”

  1. My husband and I parted almost three years ago when I hit my bottom line.He is currently in ICU with septic shock following a perforated bowel and his future is uncertain.I hope this might be his bottom line but only time will tell.
    Thanks again for all your wise words…I still look out for him and thought I had emotionally detached but it’s never easy.I was one of those women who only saw the warning signs about the drinking after the honeymoon as we didn’t live together back in the day….and I kept hoping he would change…35 years later I’m still hoping and praying..so my advice to others is don’t wait too long because some people never change…we are all entitled to a peaceful happy life.

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