Craig Ferguson on Alcoholism

Craig Ferguson on alcoholism.  Thought that it would be good to post something a bit different.  I saw this video a few years ago and came across it again recently.  It is a video of my countryman, Craig Ferguson, talking about his alcoholism.  He talks about it in a very entertaining way but he is also deadly serious about his problem.

Sorry about the quality of the video as it is a bit old.  However, what is important is what Craig Ferguson says about alcoholism that is important, and that hasn’t dated in any way.  If you watch this video make sure you watch it to the end as his message is very strong.  Hope you enjoy it.  Leave a comment to let us know what you think.

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  1. Absolutely spot on. My husband (now ex) is currently in his second rehab session. It’s exactly what I’m hoping he’ll hear this time, if not for me then for himself and his family.

  2. My ex partner is an alcoholic that will not admit he has any kind of problem most of the time. He also finds it easier to deny his behaviour than take responsibility for it.
    It’s broken us. We are still living in the same house, because he refuses to leave. He finds it much easier to blame me for everything.
    I’ve been trying to help him for 9 years.
    Not any more. He’s going to have to leave and hit rock bottom! He needs to. I fear he never will think he needs to stop. But I just need to get on with my own life now. He’s making me very ill.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your situation. There are steps that you can take that can help. Please join the website (it’s free) and have a look at the program. Many people have been helped by following the steps suggested there.

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