Hello world, We’re back and we’re partnering with Bottled Up!

 We are so glad to announce that 24/7 Help Yourself is now updated and back online.  My thanks to the guys at Internet Creations for all their hard work in bringing this website back to a more modern and more user friendly condition.

If you have visited the site or been a member before then it will feel familiar to you as it contains most of the tools and features that were there before.  It also has a very similar look and feel, using some of the same images and text.

If you have never visited this website before you will find a wealth of unique tools and support to help you, or your loved one, change drinking behaviour and reduce the negative consequences of that behaviour.  There are tools that can help you to achieve a goal of Reducing your drinking, Controlling your drinking or Stopping drinking and becoming Abstinent.

There are tools to help you to understand the reasons you drink.  Yea we know you do it because, you like it, its good fun or you are just being sociable.  But do you really know the circumstances when you drink heavily, when you end up drinking much more than you intended.  The Reasons for Drinking Tool will help you to discover that.  Do you know what harm alcohol is having on you, your health and your relationships.  There are tools that help you to explore these issues.

If these tools (and many more of them) sound like they might be interesting and helpful to you then just join up.  If you are wondering whether this website would benefit you then take the assessment and find out.

Partnership with Bottled Up

One of the big changes that we have made is to directly partner the website with Bottled Up, the website for the partners’ of problem drinkers.  Both websites were created by the same people but, until now, they have always remained separate.  However, because we recognise that problem drinking affects the whole family we decided to more formally connect them.

Bottled Up helps, supports and encourages to look after themselves create support networks for themselves.  It advocates coming out of the secrecy that tends to surround addictive behaviours and allows them to flourish.

If your partner is a member of Bottled Up then you can have free membership of 24/7 Help Yourself.  Members of Bottled Up are given a code to enter in the joining page of 24/7 that makes the free membership option available.

If you are a member of 24/7 Help Yourself and your partner is not a member of Bottled Up please let them know.  That way you can recover together and support each other.

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