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This week is Alcohol Awareness Week in the UK.  It is an annual event to get people to pay attention to the amount of alcohol that they are consuming.  As part of the event the BBC WM invited us onto the Late Show with Sunny and Shay to discuss alcohol consumption and Bottled Up.  Click the audio player below to listen to that interview.

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2 Replies to “BBC Interview”

  1. Feeling very proud to be associated with Lou, John and Bottled Up!

    A wonderful interview from a unique perspective – so meaningful, bringing hope, information and comfort to drinkers and their families.

    Loved hearing about the relational aspect – our relationship with alcohol and how alcohol gets involved with our relationships.
    Thank you

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Bernadette. Relationship is at the heart of the drinking issue. The drinker’s relationship with the alcohol that then changes their relationship with friends and family that in turn can damage the family member’s relationship with their social circle. It’s all about people!!!

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