Welcome to Week 2

Welcome to your second week as a member.  We are delighted that you decided to join and continue your journey to a new relationship with alcohol, yourself and your family and friends.

Your tasks for this week include redoing your assessment, the Areas of Concern Tool, the Drinking Diary in the Drinking Thoughts Tool.

This week try to spend some time posting in the forum.  If you haven’t done so already,  make a point of introducing yourself to other members of the website. Whether you take part in the community aspects of the website is completely up to you. However there is much to be gained from sharing your own experience and listening to the experience of others. Many of you will be experiencing the same, or at least very similar, difficulties, so being able to share and identify with each other can be comforting and valuable.

ABC Analysis
Your main task for this week is to explore your drinking in more detail you can look particularly at the circumstances preceding your drinking, the nature of drinking itself and the outcome of your drinking.  This is a simple yet powerful tool.  It can teach you a huge amount about yourself and your drinking.

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