Two Weeks

You have now been a member of this site for two weeks.  It is time to take stock and look at what you have achieved in this time.  Have you, reduced or stopped drinking?  Repeat your assessments and write up the Blog.  If you have been making regular entries in the Blog read it.  You may discover that you have changed more than you think.

Just like last week, you should be repeating some of the tasks from week one, the Areas of Concern assessment again, repeating the Drinking Diary and the Drinking Thoughts Tool.

You should, of course, continue to use some of the resources and read the articles on the site. Also you should be continuing any off-line recovery exercises that you have started.

Reasons for Drinking Tool
Your main task of this week is to use the Reasons for Drinking Tool. The reasons for drinking tool consists off 24 questions about situations where you may drink heavily. Completing this tool gives you two very important pieces of information.

For more information about this weeks tasks go to the program.

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