Make a change

Rather than give you a quote and a thought today, we will begin to explore the possibilities that life can provide for us.  Reread the message of 2 days ago on Wisdom.

Yes I know that you are making changes in your life already but we want to introduce something new, something to make you even more open-minded.  Call it an exercise.

This week we will start with something easy and even give you a choice of exercise to get you started.  You may think that it is a stupid idea, that it makes no real sense and you are not going to take it seriously.  Of course you are free to do that but it would be a pity.  Try it and then decide if its stupid.  In fact tell us why its stupid or just HOW stupid you think it is but at least be willing to try before you condemn it.

This week we will start with something anyone can do, something that will make little real impact on your life but may help to open your mind to new possibilities and opportunities.  Choose from three options.

1 On one evening, watch one TV program that you have never watched before, for example a different news program, a comedy or a soap or a documentary.  It really does not matter what it is, it is much more important that you have actually done it.

2 Buy a different newspaper, and read it.  If you always buy a tabloid buy a broadsheet or vice versa.  If you never buy a newspaper then buy one today.

3 Have a meal, either at home or in a restaurant, that you would not normally eat.  For example if you are a meat eater, eat vegetarian, or eat fish, or have an ethnic meal Asian, Japanese, Kosher etc.

After you have chosen what change you are going to make and carried it out, write about it in your Blog.  What did you do, why choose that change, how did it feel, will you do it again?

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