Can I Drink Again Safely?

Can I drink again safely?

Another question I’m often asked is do I have to give up drinking for the rest of my life?  Will I be able to drink again safely, maybe later?

Because everybody who is giving up drinking seems to know or has heard of, or know somebody who knows somebody who was an alcoholic and now drinks in safety.

Personally I don’t, I don’t know anybody it does that.  Yeah I have read reports of it, I’ve heard people talking about, but I’ve never actually met anybody who was an alcoholic and now drinks.

No I’ve been sober for 34 years now.  And people keep saying to me, do you think you could drink again in safety?  You know you’re a long time away from drinking now.  Do you think that you could you could drink again in safety now.  You know what to look out for.  You could drink in safety now, you know just the glass of wine, couldn’t you?

And my answer to that is always – mm maybe.  Maybe I could that’s a possibility, I can’t rule it out.  But there’s one thing I do know is that I’m not a gambler, certainly not with my life, certainly not with my marriage, certainly not with all the things that I have gained, all the self-respect and the position, the status, the fact that I actually like myself now.

Would I bet that on having a drink.  No, I ain’t doing it!  I mean I don’t need to because I enjoy my life.  I don’t need to because it’s not important for me.  But for me that’s actually a non question.  Lots of people ask it, but for me it’s just it’s a non question.  I’m just not interested.

So, could you pick up a drink again in safety?  It’s a big question.  Well, this is what I think, if you have to stop drinking then it’s my bet, and this is one time when I would have a bet, it’s my bet that you’ve tried to drink again safely many, many times and you’ve failed.  And that’s why you’ve had to give up drinking now.  So, you know, you figure it out for yourself.  Can you drink again safely?  What do you think?  Have you been able to up till now?  If you think you can then what’s changed

Or what will change?

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